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Introduced as a fresh feature by YouTube, YouTube Shorts enables creators to share engaging videos up to 60 seconds long. As this feature gains traction, many users seek to download these bite-sized videos for offline enjoyment or to spread the fun with peers. YouTube Shorts has emerged as a hub for learning, laughter, and lively interactions, amassing millions of daily users and creators. But what prompts one to download YouTube Shorts? Reasons abound. Dive into videos offline when internet access is sparse. Bookmark riveting content for later. Share captivating clips with those offline. Sidestep pesky buffering for an uninterrupted viewing spree. If you're a content creator, glean inspiration from YouTube Shorts, or integrate them into your original content. Regardless of your motive, SaveFrom simplifies the YouTube Shorts downloading process.

Guide: Download YouTube Shorts via SaveFrom

  • 1. Copy the desired short video URL;

    copy URL
  • 2. Insert the video URL into the search bar and hit the "Start" button to initiate conversion;

    paste URL
  • 3. Choose your preferred video/audio format, then click "Download".

    click download

Why Choose SaveFrom’s Video Downloader?

Tip: Add "ss" before the word "youtube" for faster loading of videos and mp3 files from YouTube.


If you can’t directly download video to your PC, please follow the guidelines below:

Step1: Select the format you want and click "Download" button.

Step2: In new window, press "CTRL + S" to save video OR right click to video, then select "Save as Video".

SaveFrom Helper is an extension that can be added to any Chromium-based browser such as Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and Opera. When you click on a video or music track on video-hosting or social media sites, it makes it easy to download it to your device for offline use. It allows you to download videos without creating an account. Download YouTube, Facebook, VK and 40+ sites in one click.